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For more information or to order a custom Visual T'filah,
email Rabbi Dan Medwin.


"Visual T'filah brings modernity into harmony with tradition, unifies a community and renews energetic enthusiasm for prayer." More…

-Rabbi Zoë Klein


“These screens may just allow us to be more present as part of a worshiping community in ways we might not often be afforded.” More…

-Rabbi Billy Dreskin 

What is Visual T'filah?

Visual T’filah is a way to enhance prayer and assist worshipers in finding new or deeper meaning in prayers. It utilizes contemporary technology, including but not limited to digital projectors and screens, to display liturgy for the community intermingled with art and other visual imagery.

Visual T’filah is not just “a PowerPoint service”; it is reaching back into our history and tradition, drawing forth elements that were sacrificed when new technologies for sacred text containers were adopted and the prevailing conditions demanded change. VT allows the reintroduction of important values of prayer such as integrating art and visual awe as well as liturgical creativity and dynamic prayer experiences.


Contact Rabbi Dan Medwin for pricing and details.

  • Visual T'filah Sample - This service is provided free for CCAR Members.  Contact Rabbi Dan Medwin to obtain your copy. This basic Friday evening service can also be purchased as an unlocked* Visual T'filah.
  • Custom Visual T'filah - The CCAR will work with your synagogue or organization to create a fully customized Visual T'filah, suited precisely to your community's practices and service outline. Visual iyyunim (background images that convey meaning or a deeper understanding of the prayer) are provided and may include images or art from your community, including custom branding with your organization's logo and/or coloration.
    The service is unlocked* allowing you to continue updating and enhancing the Visual T'filah in-house.  It is also available locked** at a significantly discounted rate, intended for one-time or infrequent use.
  • VT Templates - The complete Hebrew liturgy of one service from Mishkan T'filah.  Services available include Friday Evening, Shabbat Morning, Weekday Evening, and Weekday Morning.  The text comes preformatted for screens, and each prayer serves as a building block for creating your own custom service. You provide your own images.  Discounts are available for purchasing more than one at a time.

A popular option is our VT Bundle which includes the unlocked VT Sample and a VT Template, giving you the foundation of a basic Friday evening service, including images and readings, along with a library of Hebrew liturgy for including additional prayers.  This is available at a discounted rate.

Contact Rabbi Dan Medwin for pricing and details.

* Unlocked - The Visual T'filah is in a PowerPoint or Keynote file that you can edit text and images, rarrange slides, add new content and more.  Each unlocked service comes with a training session on editting and updating the VT.
** Locked - The text is not editable or moveable, nor can the images be changed/removed.