About the Rabbinical Placement Commission 

The Rabbinical Placement Commission
of the

The Joint Commission on Rabbinical Placement was established in 1961 as a partnership between the CCAR (rabbis), URJ (congregations) and HUC/JIR (seminary educators) to help oversee and ensure the orderly synagogue placement of Reform rabbis. This Joint Commission is the nexus of the organizations and voices whose overarching and common goal is the fostering of excellence in the rabbinate.  

In addition to establishing policies that govern and guide current Placement activities, the Joint Commission also looks at the future of Reform Judaism and the rabbinate, and works to identify and address trends, issues and challenges facing rabbis at every stage of their careers and congregations of all sizes and locations. For example, the CCAR Mentoring program is a direct result of the Joint Commission’s collaboration, put into operation to assist new rabbis make the transition from seminary to the workplace.


Chairs of the Rabbinic Placement Commission 

1961-1963: Jerome Malino

1964-1968: Bernard Bamberger

1969-1972: Leon Feuer

1973-1977: David Jacobson

1978-1982: Jack Stern, Jr.

1983-1992: Ronald Sobel

1993-1997: Donald Berlin

1998-2011: Ronne Friedman

2012-2016: Randi Musnitsky

2016-Present: Michael White