Each source is identified by page number(s) only, by volume number, or by a leading symbol.

Page number(s) only - e.g.,
Artificial insemination 218-222


Such references are to "Responsa of the Central Conference of American Rabbis," Rabbi Jacob D. Schwartz, ed., New York, UAHC, 1954. (Note: All such citations are taken from the yearbooks of the CCAR and are also included in ARR - see below.)


Volume number (in Roman numerals, followed by year and page number(s) - e.g.,
Mixed marriage
Three generations of XCIV (1984) 173-174


Such references are to "Yearbook of the Central Conference of American Rabbis," (or CCAR Yearbook)


Symbols - e.g. the appearance of "ARR" in,
building a chapel on a ARR 75-76


of infant XCII (1982) 218-219 (ARR 141-143)


Such references are to one of the following sources:


ARR - American Reform Responsa, Walter Jacob, ed, 1983.
A compendium of the responsa of the CCAR Responsa Committee as printed in the yearbooks of the CCAR, 1890-1982, including several "private" responsa written by Rabbi Jacob.
CARR - Contemporary American Reform Responsa, Walter Jacob, ed., 1987
A follow-up to ARR.
CCARJ - CCAR Journal (publication of the CCAR since 1953
Was titled Journal of Reform Judaism [or JRJ] from Spring 1978 to Spring 1991.
CoRR - Contemporary Reform Responsa, Solomon Freehof, 1974.
CuRR - Current Reform Responsa, Solomon Freehof, 1969.
HAL - Halakhah, Solomon B. Freehof Institute of Progressive Halakhah
JRJ - Journal of Reform Judaism (see CCARJ)
MRR - Modern Reform Responsa, Solomon Freehof, 1971.
NARR - New American Reform Responsa, Walter Jacob, 1992
NRR - New Reform Responsa, Solomon Freehof, 1980.
NYP - Not Yet Printed, responsa published by the Responsa Committee,
but not yet in bound collections.
RR - Reform Responsa, Solomon Freehof, 1960.
RRR - Recent Reform Responsa, Solomon Freehof, 1963.
RRT - Reform Responsa for our Time, Solomon Freehof, 1977.
TFN - Teshuvot for the 1990's, W. Gunther Plaut and Mark Washofsky, 1997.
TRR - Today's Reform Responsa, Solomon Freehof, 1990.