Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted by the Board of Trustees
Central Conference of American Rabbis
May 8, 2002


Ever since September of 2000, Israel has been the target of a continuous bombardment of terrorist attacks, aimed at taking innocent civilian life and breaking the resolve of Israeli people. The attacks have been particularly ruthless and ferocious, aimed at innocent civilians at play, at work, in worship or in celebration. Israel responded to these attacks as any nation would have with the aim of protecting its citizenry from harm.

Because of these unprecedented random acts of terrorists, Israel and its people have suffered tremendous loss: loss of life, loss of trade and tourism, and, among some, loss of hope. Some social services had to be curtailed, just at a time when they were needed the most.

As Israel's partners in faith and in fate, we must do what we can to strengthen Israel at this time of unprecedented need. One way to do this is to donate funds which will go to help the victims of terrorism in Israel and their families, along with providing safety, especially for the young and the elderly, psychological counseling, and financial support for those most affected economically from effects of terrorism. Another way to help the Israeli economy is by shopping in Israel, purchasing Israeli products and doing business with Israeli companies, all of which can be done directly or through the Internet. Of course, the most important way we can show our support is by going to Israel and standing with our brothers and sisters in their time of distress.


  1. that the Central Conference of American Rabbis joins with the UAHC in supporting the United Jewish Communities' "Israel Emergency Campaign," calling on our members both to contribute to this Fund and to encourage the members of their communities to make meaningful contributions as well;

  2. that the CCAR commends the UJC for its support of those Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism congregations which are creating or expanding neighborhood activity centers and summer camp programs in response to the needs of the hour;

  3. that the CCAR Israel Committee make known to CCAR members various opportunities for shopping and doing business in Israel, so that they can be active in an ongoing campaign to support Israel's hurting economy;

  4. that the CCAR encourage its members to continue to study and visit Israel;

  5. that the CCAR show its continued support for the Rav L'rav and Magen David Adom campaigns, and

  6. that the CCAR encourage colleagues to reach out to their counterparts in the Christian community in efforts of interfaith understanding and cooperation.