General Comments or Questions: info@ccarnet.org
Website Matters: CCAR Web upport
CCAR Press: info@ccarpress.org
Media Inquiries: communications@ccarnet.org
Ethics Questions or Reporting: Ethics@ccarnet.org
Placement Matters: Placement@ccarnet.org

Whom Should I Contact:

I have a question about my dues:
CCAR Assistant Controller, Jaqui Dellaria JDellaria@ccarnet.org 212-542-8790

I need to discuss dues relief:
CCAR Dues Chair, Peter Stein Rabbipeterstein@Gmail.com 585-978-5700

I have a question about convention:
CCAR Assistant to the Director of Rabbinic Engagement, Support and Growth, Amy Solomon 212-542-8787

I have a question about my CCAR Press order:
CCAR Customer Service Representative, Info@ccarpress.org 212-542-8796

I am facing a professional or personal dilemma:
CCAR Chief Executive, Rabbi Steven A. Fox 212-542-8777
Assistant to the Chief Executive, Rosemarie Cisluycis RCisluycis@ccarnet.org 212-542-8778

I am facing an immediate crisis and need to speak to someone urgently. There are three colleagues available to help (Rapid Response):

  • Rabbi Pearl Barlev, 310-880-5849, Board Certified Chaplain at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and serves Santa Ynez Valley Jewish Community part-time.
  • Rabbi Dr. Edie Meyerson, 917-747-5432, Doctorate from HUC-JIR in pastoral counseling, and serves  as Associate Director of Pastoral Counseling and Bereavement Services in the Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute.
  • Rabbi Charles P. (“Charlie”) Rabinowitz, 914-834-2880 OR 914-844-8368, Rabbinic Bereavement and Pastoral Counselor.  Charlie works for Caring Hospice of New York where he provides home hospice and palliative care services to patients and families.
  • Short Term Counseling: Rex Perlmeter, MSW, 410-207-1700, is the CCAR Special Advisor for Member Care and Wellness. Rex is available for a limited number of counseling sessions for rabbis and family members who are facing personal or professional issues such as transition, loss, illness or struggles with difficult individuals. He can be reached at rperlmeter@ccarnet.org

I am not receiving weekly enews and emails: CCAR Communications Manager, Carly Linden clinden@ccarnet.org

I’ve learned of a colleague in need:
CCAR Manager of Member Services, Rabbi Betsy Torop BTorop@ccarnet.org 727-542-2798

I’d like information about getting involved with the CCAR:
CCAR Manager of Member Services, Rabbi Betsy Torop BTorop@ccarnet.org 727-542-2798

I am a friend or family member of a CCAR Member, and would like to share information with other CCAR members about my loved one:
CCAR Manager of Member Services, Rabbi Betsy Torop BTorop@ccarnet.org 727-542-2798

I am facing an immediate and urgent financial need: 
Sandy Ragins sragins@oxy.edu



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