NOW ONLINE: CCAR High Holy Day Sermon Writing Seminar

Finding Your Voice: Preparing to Preach About Israel and the Post-October 7 World

Monday August 5, 12:00PM–5:00PM ET and Tuesday August 6, 12:00PM–5:00PM ET

In order to fully benefit from our time together, and to commit to each other for chevruta, group discussion and feedback, participants must be able to be present the entire time.   

Facilitator: Jessica Greenbaum, award-winning poet and coeditor of Mishkan HaSeder (CCAR Press). In addition to her own award-winning work as a poet and editor, Ms. Greenbaum is a long-time writing teacher in both academic and community settings.

This intensive online seminar will provide the opportunity to draft the sermon that your community uniquely needs to hear about Israel and the post-October 7 world. Our time together will include the study of poetry and metaphor as a way of making meaning and understanding the world. We will have opportunities to outline, write, and revise a sermon. There will be time for feedback and discussion in small groups and chevruta, as well as dedicated writing time.

As we prepare to preach about Israel and the post-October 7 world, this seminar is an opportunity for you to set aside time for yourself to think, reflect, and write—along with gaining insight from a noted poet and from your colleagues in a safe and non-judgmental forum. 

Registration fee: $200

To register for this online seminar, please click here.

Questions? Please contact Julie Vanek, Director of Programs, or 212-542-8786.