In Honor of Rabbi Arnold I. Sher


Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Resolution in Honor of Rabbi Arnold I. Sher

Adopted by the 119th Annual Convention

of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Cincinnati, Ohio
April, 2008




Many rabbis have been honored with the title “A Rabbi’s Rabbi.” Arnold Sher is not only a rabbi’s rabbi. He has been over the past eighteen years “The Rabbinate’s Rabbi.” As Director of Placement for Reform Judaism, he has committed himself to the rabbinic and human wellbeing of his individual colleagues. At the same time, he has focused his energies and his intellect on the betterment of the rabbinate as a whole and of the congregations we serve.


Rabbi Sher has brought to his position both the insights and wisdom gleaned from his years as a successful congregational rabbi and the unique skills and knowledge gained from his training as an attorney. Those gifts combined with a profound dedication to rabbis, to congregations, and to Reform Judaism have enabled him to offer wise advice and much sought-after guidance. He has blended care and compassion with realism and seichel as he counsels congregations and colleagues.


Were Arnold Sher only an effective, visionary, and dedicated Director of Placement, this Conference would have reason enough to honor him. But, when our Conference was in need of a steadying hand, a reassuring presence, and a wise head in a time of turmoil, Arnie Sher, at great sacrifice to himself in time and energy, chose to take on added burdens and responsibilities. As Interim Executive Vice-President of the CCAR, he helped to guide our Conference through a troubled time. For this alone, no words of thanks are adequate.


Therefore, Be It Resolved that:


The Central Conference of American Rabbis honors Rabbi Arnold I. Sher, through whom we have been privileged to fulfill the Mishna’s admonition — “Asei l’cha rav uknei l’cha chaveir — Get yourself a rabbi and acquire for yourself a friend.”


As he enters a new phase of his life, we express our appreciation and our love for him. We hope and pray that he, Serena and all of their loved ones will enjoy many years in which, like Avraham Avinu, God will bless him and his loved ones bakol – in every way.