Mishkan T’filah for Youth – Repaginated

Update on Digital Worship Resources

In March 2020, CCAR Press took the unprecedented step of providing free flipbook versions Mishkan T’filah as a temporary emergency response to the pandemic. Since then, most communities have returned to in-person worship, with options for online access. Copyright law and content licensing agreements do not permit us to maintain the flipbooks online on a permanent basis. Therefore, we will be sunsetting the Mishkan T’filah flipbooks on January 1, 2023. We are committed to ensuring that those who attend services online continue to have access to Mishkan T’filah. Our prayer books are available in print and ebook formats, and our Visual T’filah services are designed for streaming.

How to use Flip Book

Or you can purchase the discounted kindle ebook, which can be read using the free Kindle app.