Rabbis Speak

Rabbinic Voice

As we enter the 21st Century, American Reform rabbis are at the forefront of the Jewish experience, working directly with hundreds of thousands of individuals to build a stronger and richer Jewish community. Reform rabbis integrate a Jewish dimension into contemporary life, providing an authentically Jewish voice, teaching Jewish values and traditions, and shaping the future.

Since its founding in 1889, the Central Conference of American Rabbis has produced formal and informal statements that interpret the voice of prophetic Judaism, and that govern, guide and express the contemporary views of the Rabbinate. These are historic and current documents that are of vital importance to Rabbis, as well as scholars and the general public, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

Links here provide access to all published documents, including:

Resolutions, which have been formally adopted and involve the governance, policies, interpretations and views of the organization;

Responsa, written by the CCAR Responsa Committee, offer offering guidance regarding specific and important issues facing contemporary Judaism; and

Platforms, which are broader, formally approved, Rabbinic statements or principles regarding Reform Judaism in America