Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Syrian Jewry

Adopted by the CCAR at the 90th Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Phoenix, Arizona, March 26-29, 1979

Whereas , thousands of our Jewish brethren still remain in Syria, and

Whereas, they are not free to emigrate, but are held hostage in their native land, and

Whereas , Syria has signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights permitting free emigration (Article 13) of the people of every nation; and

Whereas , Syria has reimposed internal, inter-urban travel restrictions only upon the Jews; therefore

Be it resolved that we communicate our concerns over these Human Rights violations to the President of the United States and to our elected officials, through our national office, our Regional Social Action Committees. and through the individual members of this Conference;
That we call upon the President of the United States and our elected officials to withhold foreign aid to Syria until she fulfills her obligations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
That we dedicate Shabbat Zachor and/or Chanukah each year, as appropriate, to teach to our congregants' co-religious schools the plight of the Syrian Jewish community (Shabbat Zachor is the yahrzeit of the murder of the '"Four Daughters of Damascus," who died while trying to flee to freedom from Syria) and to work for their release;
That each year we gather one week's tzedeka through 'Project Books' from our religious school students for the relief and rescue of the l,500 Hebrew school-age boys and girls of Syria.