Staff training and assessments, awareness raising program, Salary Survey, Ethics code, and more.

  • CCAR Code of Ethics
    As rabbis, we are expected to abide by the highest moral values of our Jewish tradition: personal conscience and professional integrity, honorable social relationships, and the virtues of family life. As teachers and role models, we are called upon to exemplify the ideals we proclaim. Should we fail, we need to do t’shuvah, ask forgiveness, avoid repetition, and make restitution whenever possible. Therefore, in keeping with the high traditions of the rabbinate, the Central Conference of American Rabbis established the Code of Ethics.
  • CCAR Compensation and Benefit Studies
    CCAR is pleased to make these studies available to its members. Please note that these reports are based upon RPB data.
  • Symposium on Pay Equity
    The Fall 2018 edition of The CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly focuses on pay equity within the Reform Movement. The full Journal symposium is offered to here to help the community with education and engagement around this important issue.