Becoming a Member

We welcome you to explore membership in the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

When a rabbi joins the CCAR, you are joining a community comprised of the highest quality rabbis who aligning their rabbinate with the values of the Reform Movement and are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards. In order to further our responsibilities before welcoming a rabbi into our community, we do our best to ascertain a rabbi’s qualities and qualifications, and connection to Reform Judaism.

The benefits of membership in the Central Conference of American Rabbis includes access to rabbinic placement opportunities and resources, professional and personal resources for rabbis and their families, attendance at CCAR convention, opportunities for continued professional education and Torah Lishma, and the Reform Pension Plan. You will also receive CCAR publications such as the CCAR Newsletter and the CCAR Journal. In addition, you will be eligible for mentoring, professional development, and crisis support. Finally, you will enjoy the privilege of serving and interacting with other Reform rabbis through the many avenues offered by the CCAR.

To connect with us to discuss your eligibility for a membership with CCAR, please contact:

Rabbi Leora Kaye
Director of Rabbinic Career Services