CCAR Regional Presidents and Committee Chairs

NJWHVARR: Adena Blum
SEACARR: Elizabeth Bahar
GLOVARR: Keren Gorban
PARR: Heidi Cohen
SWARR: Rebecca Reice
CARR: I.David Oler
MWARR: Binah Wing
CANADA: Daniel Mikelberg
MARR: Susan Shankman Namath
DVARR: Kevin Kleinman

Audit Committee: Brett Isserow/Andy Farber
Budget & Finance: Lisa Greene
CCAR Press: Don Goor
Conference Leadership Development
Convention Program 2023: Mara Nathan, Chair and Lev Herrnson, Vice-Chair
Ethics: Ana Bonnheim/Michael Friedman
Ethics Board of Appeals: Seth Bernstein
Ethics Process Review: Thomas Alpert
Hesed: Irwin Goldenberg
Justice and Peace: Gayle Pomerantz
Nominating: Melissa Buyer and Paul Kipnes, Co-Chairs
Resolutions: Rachel Greengrass
Responsa: Dr. Joan Friedman
Revenue Enhancement: David Lyon (CCAR Board VP)
Sub-Committee: Annual Giving: Jonathan Blake and Rachel Saphire, Co-Chairs
Sub-Committee: Atid Society: Fred Reiner
Sub-Committee: Conv. Fundraising: Robert Loewy
Sub-Committee: Dues: Melanie Aron
Sub-Committee: Friends: Merle Weiner & Barry Block
Sub-Committee: Journal Editorial Bd: Elaine Glickman
Sub-Committee: Mitzvah Fund: Irwin Goldenberg
Sub-Committee: Rav Shem Tov: TBD
Sub-Task Force: Publishing Finances: Lisa Greene
Worship and Practice: Rachel Gurevitz

Admission and Membership: Sue Shankman
Alcoholism and Addiction Response: Andrea Cosnowsky
CCAR Board of Trustees: Lewis Kamrass
Commission on Social Action: Gayle Pomerantz
Continuing Rabbinic Education Task Force: Rick Kellner
Ethics Task Force: Amy Schwartzman and Nicki Greninger, Co-Chairs
Israel Committee: Janet Liss
Joint Commission on Rabbinic Mentoring: Patricia Karlin-Neumann, Chair and Mona Alfi, Co-Chair
NCRCR: Bill Kuhn
Rabbinical Placement Commission: Michael White
T’shuvah Task Force: Erica Seager Asch

Conference of Presidents: Lewis Kamrass and Hara Person
IJCIC: Daniel Polish
Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli-Arab Issues: Janet Liss
Jewish Welfare Board: Bonnie Koppel
National Council of Synagogues: Daniel Polish
NILI: David Stern/Denise Eger
Reform Movement Organizations (HUC-JIR, URJ, etc.): Lewis Kamrass and Hara Person