Digital Worship Resources

As you continue to lead in this time of great challenge, we are committed to providing you with as many digital worship resources as possible for your multi-access needs, including CCAR Press materials, webinars, technological support, and more.


• VIDEO: Leading High Holy Day Worship with Visual T’filah For Mishkan HaNefesh with Dan Medwin
• FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Mishkan HaNefesh Visual T’filah
• VIDEO: Using the Free CCAR Flipbooks: Tips and Tricks 
• GUIDE: How to use Flipbooks
• VIDEO: Music and Sound in Virtual Gatherings: How to Make it Work with Dan Medwin and Dan Sklar
• LIST: Resource Roundup: Best Principles and Practical Applications of Gathering Online (need Tent login)
• RAVBLOG: Klei Kodesh: New and Old Tools to Create Holiness by Peter Stein

CCAR Press Shabbat Resources

Mishkan T’filah for Shabbat
Mishkan T’filah for Weekdays, Shabbat, and Festivals
Mishkan T’filah for Youth

Mishkan T’filah for Zoom ServicesCCAR Press offers a version of Mishkan T’filah ideally suited to screensharing on Zoom. Visual T’filah for Mishkan T’filah is available in three versions:
  1. Mishkan T’filah Visual T’filah has an updated layout, and can be fully customized or used immediately
  2. Paper T’filah pairs liturgy with beautiful, original artwork by Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik
  3. Visual T’filah Template is fully customizable to meet your community’s needs.

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Funeral, Shivah, and Life Cycle Resources


Mishkan Aveilut
Kindle ebook
Apple Book
Google Play

For additional resources:
• Kavod v’Nichum:
• Jewish Sacred Aging:


• Zooming Through Grief by Rick Kellner
Officiating at a Funeral Over Zoom by Daniel Cohen
Holding a Digital Shivah Minyan in the Age of COVID-19 by Mara Nathan
Prayers for a Time of Separation from Loved Ones and A Ritual of Farewell from Afar by Sara Rich and Ilene Haigh