Reform Responsa

The CCAR applies Jewish scholarship and transition to contemporary issues through the creation of Reform Responsa, based on the historic Jewish system of providing answers to questions about Judaism and Jewish living. Questions are submitted to the Responsa committee, and responses are provided.

Responsa published by CCAR has generally revealed Reform Jewish thinking on issues of everyday Jewish life at the time that it was originally written. However, it is important to note that because there is such a long history of Reform Responsa, going back to the 19th century, much of the collection no longer reflects contemporary thinking or language. It remains available here for the purpose of historical reference, but in many cases is no longer representative of today’s CCAR and the Reform Movement.

Please also note that not all CCAR Responsa is listed in this index, however all copies of Reform Responsa can be downloaded to your eBook from CCAR Press.

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  • and their biological parents XCIII(1983), 196-198; CARR 57-59;
  • born non-Jews, status of in Jewish family LXVI(1956) 107-110;
  • changing Hebrew name of, after b'rit milah JRJ, Fall 1988, 71-72; XCVIII (1988) 155-156; NARR 187-188;
  • conversion for RR21 no. 5759.1;
  • necessary steps for conversion LXXXIX(1979) 112-115; ARR 203-207;
  • special Hebrew names for LXXXIX(1979) 112-115; ARR 203-207;
  • specific ritual for Hebrew naming of ARR 203-207;
  • status (`Jewishness') of NARR 185-187;
  • status of, if enrolled in Hebrew school CuRR 220-221;
  • status of, in Judaism LXXXIX(1979) 112-115; ARR 203-207; TFN no.5753.12 201-207;