The New Reform Torah Commentary

Jewish tradition teaches that the Torah has seventy faces, meaning that it can be read countless ways. Pirkei Avot exhorts us to “turn it and turn it again,” so that we can constantly discover new insights and teaching in Torah.

In 1981, the Reform Movement offered the Jewish community what was then an amazing gift, The Torah: A Modern Commentary, edited by Rabbis Gunther W. Plaut and Bernard J. Bamberger. First published in 2008, the award-winning The Torah: A Women’s Commentary, edited by Rabbis Tamara Cohn Eskenazi, PhD, and Andrea Weiss, PhD, was revolutionary at its time.

Judaism has stayed alive and relevant throughout our history because we are constantly adapting and innovating to ensure that the Torah remains relevant for each generation. While building from these respected commentaries, it is time to create a gift for the future by developing a Torah commentary that speaks to the reality of today.


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