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Whom Should I Contact?

I have a question about my dues:
CCAR Assistant Controller, Jaqui Dellaria 212-542-8790

I need to discuss dues relief:
CCAR Dues Chair, Peter Stein 585-978-5700

I have a question about convention:
Manager of Programming, Aliza Orent 212-542-8786

I have a question about my CCAR Press order:
CCAR Customer Service Representative, 212-542-8796

I am facing a professional or personal dilemma:
CCAR Chief Executive, Rabbi Steven A. Fox 212-542-8777
Assistant to the Chief Executive, Rosemarie Cisluycis 212-542-8778

I am facing an immediate crisis and need to speak to someone urgently. There are three colleagues available to help:

  • Rabbi Charles P. (“Charlie”) Rabinowitz, 914-834-2880 OR 914-844-8368, Rabbinic Bereavement and Pastoral Counselor.  Charlie works for Caring Hospice of New York where he provides home hospice and palliative care services to patients and families.
  • Rabbi Pearl Barlev, (310-880-5849), Pearl is a Board Certified Chaplain, the former Jewish Chaplain and Interfaith Psychiatric Chaplain for UCLA Health.  She currently serves as a consultant and on-call Rabbi/Chaplain at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and Santa Monica UCLA Hospital. 
  • Rabbi Dr. Edie Meyerson, 917-747-5432, Doctorate from HUC-JIR in pastoral counseling, and serves  as Associate Director of Pastoral Counseling and Bereavement Services in the Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute.

Short Term Counseling: Rex Perlmeter, MSW, 410-207-1700, is the CCAR Special Advisor for Member Care and Wellness. Rex is available for a limited number of counseling sessions for rabbis and family members who are facing personal or professional issues such as transition, loss, illness or struggles with difficult individuals.

I am not receiving weekly enews and emails: CCAR Communications Manager, Carly Linden

I’ve learned of a colleague in need:
CCAR Director of Rabbinic Engagement and Growth, Rabbi Betsy Torop 212-542-8803

I’d like information about getting involved with the CCAR:
CCAR Director of Rabbinic Engagement and Growth, Rabbi Betsy Torop 212-542-8803

I am a friend or family member of a CCAR Member, and would like to share information with other CCAR members about my loved one:
CCAR Director of Rabbinic Engagement and Growth, Rabbi Betsy Torop 212-542-8803

I am facing an immediate and urgent financial need: 
Sandy Ragins


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