Mission Statement

The CCAR supports and strengthens Reform rabbis so that our members, their communities, and Reform Jewish values thrive.

Core Strategies

  • Rabbinic Wellbeing: We strengthen our members’ capacity to flourish in their professional, personal, and spiritual lives.
  • Community: We connect colleagues in ways that amplify their Jewish experience of belonging, meaning, and joy.
  • Learning: We provide members with opportunities and resources to enhance their skills, knowledge, and growth throughout their rabbinates.
  • Career Services: We support members as they navigate opportunities, transitions, and challenges throughout their careers.
  • Ethics: We uphold the highest standards of rabbinic integrity and behavior.
  • Thought Leadership: We lift up the voice of the Reform rabbinate in the Jewish community and in the world.
  • Reform Movement Leadership: We advocate within the Movement in ways that promote the interests of our members, advance equity, and elevate the Reform rabbinate.

Adopted December 2022