CCAR Staff

Rabbi Anne Villarreal-Belford

Editor, CCAR Press

Rosemarie Cisluycis

Assistant to Rabbi Hara Person, Chief Executive

Rodney Dailey

Assistant to Director of Rabbinic Career Services

Jaqui Dellaria


Ariel Dorvil

Assistant to the Director of Rabbinic Education and Support Services

Raquel Fairweather

Marketing and Sales Manager, CCAR Press

Rabbi Dusty Klass

Rabbinic Wellness Specialist

Dale Panoff

Convention Administrator

Rabbi Rex Perlmeter, MSW

Special Advisor for Member Support and Counseling

Cara Raich, LL.B

Ethics Advisor, Inquiries and Complaint Intake

Chiara Ricisak

Assistant Editor, CCAR Press

Rabbi Dennis Ross

Acting Interim Program Specialist

Rabbi Don Rossoff, AMFT

Special Advisor for Member Support and Counseling

Samantha Rutter

Development Manager

Michael Santiago

Project Manager

Debbie Smilow

Press Operations Manager