Strengthening Jewish Life Through Rabbinic Leadership

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About Us

The Central Conference of American Rabbis is the Reform rabbinic professional leadership organization that instills excellence in the Reform Jewish rabbinate. The oldest and largest rabbinic organization in North America, the CCAR strengthens the Jewish community by providing religious, spiritual, ethical, and intellectual leadership and wisdom for the 2,200 rabbis who serve more than 2 million Reform Jews throughout North America, Israel, and the world. The CCAR’s unique contribution to a continued vibrant Jewish community and Reform Movement lies in its work fostering excellence in Reform Rabbis, enhancing unity and connectedness among Reform Jews, applying Jewish values to a contemporary life, and creating a compelling and accessible Judaism for today and the future.

Rabbinic Voice

The CCAR’s rabbinic voice guides the Jewish community on important spiritual, social, cultural, and human rights issues. CCAR applies tradition, Jewish scholarship, and Jewish values to contemporary issues through the creation of Platforms, Responsa, Resolutions, and Statements meant to inspire, guide, teach, and define Judaism in our times.

Member Services

CCAR is the center for lifelong rabbinic learning, career development, personal and family support, resources, and publications for the 2,200 rabbis who serve more than 2 million Reform Jews throughout North America, Israel, and the world. Ongoing Torah study and professional development, high educational and ethical standards, and pillars of the CCAR provide excellence in rabbinic leadership and strengthen the Jewish community.

Rabbinic Careers

For over 50 years the CCAR has provided the finest placement and employment services for thousands of rabbis, congregations, and communities. The CCAR provides resources and training for both rabbis and communities to ensure smooth placement and transition, as they make the single most important decision in Jewish life—finding the right rabbinic leadership for their community.

CCAR Convention

Convention is an opportunity for CCAR members to ground ourselves in Torah, professional growth, deep relationships, strengthen our rabbinic leadership, and nurture our vision of the Jewish future. Join us to find renewed strength, sustenance and inspiration from being together as one rabbinical community.


Convention 2025:
March 23-26, 2025, Chicago, Illinois

CCAR members can pre-pay for CCAR Convention 2025 here.