Central Conference of American Rabbis Statement of Solidarity with the State and People of Israel

October 7, 2023

The Central Conference of American Rabbis stands in solidarity with the State of Israel and all of its residents in the midst of the horrifying, deadly attacks of Hamas terror—unleashed by land, sea, and air. We grieve the lives lost, which continue to grow in number. Those killed include children and adults of all ages and walks of life. The prayers of Reform rabbis across North America and around the world are directed to the Land of Israel. We pray for comfort for mourners, healing for the wounded, we pray for the release of those taken captive, and safety for all who have taken shelter. We pray for the citizen-soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, those on active duty, and all who have been urgently called into service as reservists.

Not for the first time in its history, Israel has been assaulted with a heinous surprise attack on a sacred,  holy day—in this case, Atzeret-Simchat Torah and Shabbat. A day of peace and rejoicing has been turned into a day of war and grief.

Hamas’s despicable terror attacks have killed, wounded, and continue to threaten all residents of Israel—making no distinction between religion, ethnicity, citizenship, or political belief. Reform rabbis today stand with all in Israel whose lives are being threatened.

Our minds turn especially to our beloved CCAR colleagues in Israel, members of MARAM, the Israel Reform rabbinical organization, who have been leading their communities in demonstrations for democracy and are now leading them in prayers for peace. They are comforting the bereaved, seeking shelter from attacks, and serving their communities with compassion and fortitude under the most difficult of circumstances. CCAR members around the world stand in support of our Israeli colleagues and the communities they serve. So too we hold close the whole community of the IMPJ and its leadership.

Reform rabbis pray that the Israel Defense Forces will swiftly repel this terrorist invasion, minimizing the devastating loss of life, and will be able to safely recover the captives. We are grateful to President Biden and to American leaders of both parties who have articulated unwavering support for the Jewish State under attack.

שאלו שלום ירושלים

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalms 122:6).

Rabbi Erica Asch, President
Rabbi Hara E. Person, Chief Executive
Central Conference of American Rabbis