CCAR-ARZA Statement on Two-State Solution

CCAR-ARZA Statement on Two-State Solution

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Association of Reform Zionists of America emphatically restate our support for the two-state solution. We continue to envision Israel thriving as a Jewish State, living in peace and security alongside a Palestinian State that would fulfill the legitimate national aspirations of its people.

Reform rabbis and Reform Zionist leaders are dismayed that President Trump has backed away from decades of bipartisan American policy supporting the two-state solution.  The President opined that a one-state solution might also bring peace. However, given demographic realities in the region, one democratic state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River would eventually bring an end to Israel’s character as a Jewish State. The alternative, Israel’s rejecting democracy, should be unthinkable.

We urge the President to return to decades of bipartisan American policy supporting and working to achieve peace through the two-state solution.

Rabbi Denise L. Eger                    Rabbi Steven A. Fox                          
President, CCAR                            Chief Executive, CCAR

Rabbi Joshua Weinberg                 Rabbi John Rosove
President, ARZA                             Board Chair, ARZA