ARZA and the World Zionist Congress

Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted by the 117th Annual Convention

of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

San Diego, CA

June, 2006


The 35th World Zionist Congress currently convened in Jerusalem (June 19-22, 2006), is the only worldwide Jewish legislative body which is democratically elected. The delegates to this Congress determine policies and programs for the World Zionist Organization as well as the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Once again, the ARZA slate received a plurality in the voting, resulting in 55 of the 145 delegates to the Congress. While this is a smaller number than in recent past elections, still ARZA came out as the strongest constituency within American Zionism. We note with concern that the number of votes cast in the WZO elections has been steadily decreasing, perhaps representing a disconnect between Israel and the American Jewish Community.

Therefore, be it resolved

1. That the Central Conference of American Rabbis applaud the work of ARZA for its great success in the recent elections for the World Zionist Congress. We especially commend our colleagues Rabbi Stanley Davids, Rabbi Andrew Davids, Rabbi Robert Orkand, Rabbi Donald Rossoff, and Rabbi David Nelson, along with Mr. Jim Friedman, Mr. Steven Dubin and the staff of ARZA, for the outstanding work they did once again to secure a plurality for ARZA within the American delegation to the Congress.

2. That the CCAR and CCAR members increase their efforts to educate their respective communities about the importance of Israel, the vital nature of Progressive Judaism in Israel and throughout the world, the place and influence of ARZA, ARZENU, and WUPJ, as well as the World Zionist Organization and Congress in the ongoing struggle for true pluralism in Jewish life everywhere.