Disabilities, People with

Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

On Persons with Disabilities

Adopted by the CCAR at the 94th Annual Convention of

the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Los Angeles, March 13-16, 1983

WHEREAS we look with favor on the increased awareness of the needs of the physically

disabled in our society; and

WHEREAS we believe that providing the disabled with access to public buildings and

assuring them of equal opportunities in employment and education are positive and

progressive acts; and

WHEREAS we note especially the efforts being undertaken by the National Association

of Temple Administrators to assure the physically disabled maximal access to our

synagogues so that they can fully participate in our many activities,

THEREFORE we call upon each rabbi to exert leadership within his/her congregation

or institution to provide for the needs of the disabled. Specifically, we recommend,

where appropriate, the creation of unhindered access to the synagogue and its facilities

and grounds, including the Bima

and adequate parking. We recommend further the creation of a group within the synagogue

to provide advocacy for persons with disabilities with regard to architectural and

attitudinal issues.