Drug Trade and Drug Legislation

Resolution Adopted

by the CCAR

Drug Trade

and Drug Legislation

Adopted by the

104th Annual Convention of

the Central Conference of American


Montreal, Quebec, June 1993

WHEREAS, the overall situation regarding the use of drugs in

our society and the crime


misery that accompanies it has continued to deteriorate for several



WHEREAS, our society has continued to attempt, at

enormous financial cost, to resolve

drug abuse problems through the criminal justice system, with

the accompanying increases


prisons and numbers of inmates, and

WHEREAS, the huge untaxed revenues generated by the illicit

drug trade are undermining

legitimate governments world-wide, and

WHEREAS, the present system has spawned a cycle of

hostility by the incarceration


disproportionate numbers of African-Americans, Hispanics, and other

minority groups,


WHEREAS, the number of people who have

contracted AIDS, hepatitis, and other diseases

from contaminated hypodermic needles is epidemic

under our present system, and

WHEREAS, in our society’s zeal to pursue our criminal

approach, legitimate medical


for the relief of pain and suffering of patients have been



RESOLVED, that our society must recognize drug use and abuse as the

medical and social problems that

they are and that they must be treated with medical

and social solutions, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that an objective commission

be immediately empowered by Congress

to recommend revision of the drug laws of the United States in

order to reduce the

harm our

current policies are causing.