Mixed Marriage

Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Extended Family

Adopted by the CCAR at the 88th Annual Convention of

the Central Conference of American Rabbis

or subsequent to that Convention in 1977

Mixed marriage and intermarriage are now a standard fact in contemporary American

Jewish life. Such a reality as a matter of course results in the necessary inclusion

of non-Jews in the extended Jewish family. The CCAR has mandated itself at its 1973

convention to the encouragement of a creative and consistent cultivation of involvement

in the Jewish community and the synagogue for those already mixed married. As rabbis

we are especially interested in the children of these marriages as regards their

Jewish education and the development of their Jewish identities. Since life-cycle Mitzvot

and normal Shabbat

and festival cycle observances will as a matter of course often involve the extended

family which now includes non-Jewish parents, grandparents and others, we call on

the CCAR to form an Ad Hoc Committee to seriously consider the parameters and influence

of this newly developed Jewish extended family. This Ad Hoc Committee should be charged

with returning to the CCAR with:

1. Necessary clarification or statements from Jewish Law regarding the participation

of non-Jews in life cycle Mitzvot


2. Appropriate material to be used in the education and counseling of mixed and intermarried

couples and families in dealing with the problems of the extended family;

3. Appropriate material to be used in the education of non-Jews who seek a meaningful

role in an extended Jewish family.

Referred to the Executive Board meeting of June 23, 1977 which further referred the

matters raised in the resolution to appropriate CCAR standing committees.

Resolution on President’s Message

We commend our president, Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld, for his report at the opening

session of our convention. As usual he has approached his task with clarity and eloquence.        

We express our appreciation for the dedicated leadership given by Rabbi Arthur J.

Lelyveld and pray that in the Years ahead his hands be strengthened and that we continue

to profit from his scholarship and spirit.

Referred to the Executive Board meeting of June 23, 1977 and adopted on that date.