Rabbi-Cantor Relationships

Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted by the 116th Annual Convention

of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Houston, TX

March, 2005

Whereas an important component of the health of our congregations and the health of our movement is the relationship between CCAR rabbis and ACC cantors;

Whereas the CCAR institutionally and rabbis individually are positioned to institute proactive measures and programs to enhance rabbinic-cantorial relationships;

We therefore reaffirm the resolution adopted by the CCAR Board in June, 2003 calling upon our congregations to turn to the ACC for invested or certified cantors and to refrain from giving the title of cantor to lay persons, however well versed in music and Judaica they might be

And we call upon our Conference leadership

  • If possible, to coordinate with the ACC leadership a biennial Joint Kallah which will provide an opportunity in which rabbis and cantors can learn with and from each other;

  • To set up a program whereby successful rabbi/cantor teams will be available to mentor those rabbi/cantor teams who seek their input and support;

  • To accept invested and certified ACC cantors as clergy eligible to serve in the military chaplaincy in the same manner as members of the CCAR are so accepted;

  • To instruct our Executive Vice President to invite his or her ACC counterpart to meet on a regular basis in order to keep lines of communication between the ACC and the CCAR open;

  • If possible, to schedule one joint Board Meeting session with the ACC Board on an annual basis;

  • To encourage the CCAR regions to institute on a regular basis mini-kallot in which rabbis and cantors can learn with and from each other;

  • To work together with our esteemed Rosh Yeshiva to continue the process of better preparing our rabbinical and cantorial students for the shaping of positive partnerships in the future.