Women, Economic Justice for

Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

On Economic Justice for Women

Adopted by the CCAR at the 95th Annual Convention of

the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Grossingers, New York, June 18-21, 1984


built-in inequities in the present economic system discriminate against women and

their dependents at every level of income; and


poverty in North America falls disproportionately upon women, who comprise 43% of

the labor force, yet are the sole supporters of more than nine million families,

and that they have suffered discrimination and economic disadvantage; and


present proposed legislation addresses such areas as insurance, pension reform, social

security (including earning sharing), tax issues, lifeline service, child care, day

care, and family assistance, regulatory reform, and enforcement of child support

requirements; and


, further, specific reforms will be proposed to redress existing inequities; and


in considering the endorsement of such legislation, the principle of supporting anti-discrimination

legislation for economic equity for women should be maintained,

Therefore be it resolved that the Central Conference of American Rabbis:

  • Support an Equal Rights Amendment and legislation incorporating principles of economic

    equity for women;

  • Endorse efforts to correct current discriminatory practices in private industry and

    government, both in its regulations and as an employer;

  • Examine its practices and call upon individual congregations to do likewise so as

    to eliminate any sex discrimination while applying the principle of economic equity

    for all;

  • Call upon our congregants in their individual or corporate relationships likewise

    to eliminate any such discriminatory practices.