ARR 24-43


American Reform Responsa

7. Ordination of Women as Rabbis

(Vol. XXXII, 1922, pp. 50-51) The discussion of the responsum, “Shall Women be Ordained as Rabbis?” was led by Rabbi Jacob Z. Lauterbach. The following participated in the discussion: Rabbis Max Heller, Levinger, Witt, Weiss, Brickner, Charles S. Levi, Rauch, Englander, Abrams, Raisin, Baron, J.G. Heller, Cohon, Frisch, and Nathan Stern; Mrs. Frisch, Miss Baron, and Mrs. Berkowitz. The discussion was closed by Rabbi Lauterbach. It was moved and adopted that the courtesy of the floor be extended to the wives of rabbis, in order to ascertain their views on this subject. It was moved and adopted that the President appoint a committee to formulate a statement which shall express the sentiment that the Central Conference of American Rabbis has repeatedly made pronouncements urging the fullest measures of self-expression for woman, as well as the fullest utilization of her gifts, in the service of the Most High, and that it gratefully acknowledges the enrichment and enlargement of congregational life which has resulted therefrom. Whatever may have been the specific legal status of the Jewish woman regarding certain religious function, her general position in Jewish religious life has ever been an exalted one. She has been the priestess in the home, and our sages have always recognized her as the preserver of Israel. In view of these Jewish teachings and in keeping with the spirit of our age and the traditions of our conference, we declare that woman cannot justly be denied the privilege of ordination.Henry Cohen and Committee

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