TFN no.5753.20 265-266


Rejecting One’s Conversion as an Infant


I have always informed parents of children who were converted as infants when their parent became a Jew, that their

children have a right to reject their conversion when they reached maturity, which I have considered to be the eighteenth

year. How does Reform Judaism review this issue? (Rabbi Thomas P. Liebschutz, Winston-Salem, N.C.)

The matter has been discussed by Rabbis Solomon B. Freehof and Walter Jacob.1 You will find both

teshuvot attached. They have followed the traditional view that a person may repudiate his/her conversion as a

child. We note however, the dissent of Rabbi Moses Schreiber (the Hatam Sofer) who said that when a parent is

converted along with the child, no repudiation is possible.2

As Liberals, we would hold with the mainstream ruling that persons converted in childhood — with or without their

parents converting at the same time — have a right to reject Judaism upon reaching maturity.

When is the terminus ad quem when such a rejection must be effected? Traditionally, the age has been 13, but

we believe that your position is preferable, namely to postpone this terminus until the age of 18.

To be sure, this creates an awkward situation when such a child becomes bar/bat mitzvah or is confirmed. Both acts serve

as a confirmation of Jewishness. The parents, along with the rabbi, will have to explain to the child that the mitzvot will

be accepted at this time in accordance with his/her understanding of Judaism, but that at maturity, he/she may re-evaluate

that decision. We thus would consider the earlier asseveration as provisional in view of the immaturity of the person at

that time. Obviously, this matter has to be handled with considerable sensitivity.


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    If needed, please consult Abbreviations used in CCAR Responsa.