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Naming a Child of a Mixed Marriage



A child from a Jewish father and Gentile mother has been converted and has undergone immersion in the mikveh. What parental Hebrew names should be inscribed on the certificate? (Rabbi Alejandro Lilienthal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)



The way we name a child is a matter of custom and not of law, as is set forth in a teshuvah issued by R. Walter Jacob.


Since the child has a Jewish father, the only question that arises concerns the name of the child’s mother. As a general practice, we do not assign a Hebrew name to the non-Jewish parent. If it seems desirable to add such a name, you might wish to use that of our ancestor, Sarah.



Questions and Reform Jewish Answers, , p.182. (The teshuvah was enclosed with our letter.) Contemporary American Reform Responsa, ed. R. Walter Jacob, p.57.

If needed, please consult Abbreviations used in CCAR Responsa.