Central Conference of American Rabbis Celebrates Election of Rabbi Gilad Kariv to Israeli Knesset

March 24, 2021


The Central Conference of American Rabbis warmly congratulates our member, Rabbi Gilad Kariv, on his historic election to the Knesset. Rabbi Kariv—outgoing Chief Executive of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and a member of MARAM, the Israeli Council of Progressive Rabbis—will be the first liberal rabbi ever to serve in the Knesset. Rabbi Kariv’s election to the Knesset signals the growing influence of Reform and Conservative Judaism on Israeli society, due in no small measure to Rabbi Kariv’s tremendous leadership of our Israeli Reform Movement.

As Reform rabbis worldwide celebrate Rabbi Kariv’s election, we anxiously await final results of Tuesday’s election and the potential formation of a governing coalition. Not all of the early results are cause for celebration—particularly the election to the Knesset of the so-called “Religious Zionist” Party, which espouses racism and hateful views toward Palestinians and LGBTQ Israelis.

The Central Conference of American Rabbis calls for the formation of a governing coalition that will ensure equality for all Israelis, including Reform and Conservative Jews, and will pursue negotiations with the Palestinian people in the hope of achieving a lasting peace through a two-state solution.

Rabbi Lewis Kamrass                                                                         Rabbi Hara E. Person
President                                                                                             Chief Executive

Central Conference of American Rabbis