December 2, 2021: An Update On CCAR’s Ethics System Report From Rabbis Lewis Kamrass, Hara Person, Erica Asch and Ron Segal

Dear friends,

We are writing at this time as the next phase of the audit and assessment of our ethics system is reaching its conclusion.

We look forward to sharing the findings of the Alcalaw investigation into our ethics system in the coming weeks. Just as Chanukah comes to shed light and brightness at the darkest time of the year, this examination of our ethics system will illuminate the way forward for us.

We have not yet seen the report as it is still being completed, but after fielding inquiries about its scope, we felt it beneficial to highlight some unique aspects of the CCAR investigation in order to help clarify its scope, goals, and mandate:

  • The scope of the investigation is the ethics system itself.
  • The mandate was to provide findings and recommendations to enable changes and updates to the process, and consideration of possible revisions to the Ethics Code.
  • We anticipate that the report will be a process-based report that examines the entirety of the CCAR ethics system.

There will surely be much in the report to learn from, and we remain dedicated to utilizing these findings to guide us toward the creation of the next iteration of the CCAR ethics system.

We await the report knowing that as a Conference, the findings will guide us on the path toward change, growth, and repair.

Wishing you a happy and light-filled Chanukah,

Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, President
Rabbi Hara Person, Chief Executive
Rabbi Erica Asch, President Elect
Rabbi Ron Segal, Immediate Past President

Central Conference of American Rabbis