Important Statement from the WRN and CCAR in Support of Survivors of Sexual Assault

The Women’s Rabbinic Network and the Central Conference of American Rabbis commend Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for bravely coming forward about her sexual assault.  From #MeToo to #IBelieveYou to #WhyIDidntReport, this has been an emotionally raw time for our country, and Dr. Ford’s powerful voice has been a beacon of strength and hope for other survivors of sexual assault and for all of us.  Time and again, from ancient days until this very moment, the voices of women have been diminished, spoken over, and ignored.  We join our voices with that of Dr. Ford and of each survivor of sexual assault who comes forward and speaks truth to power.  We hope and pray that others who have been affected by sexual assault will have the courage to come forward; when they do, and until they do, may they know that they have our support and admiration.

Women’s Rabbinic Network

Rabbi Amy L. Memis-Foler
Co-President, WRN

Rabbi Kelly Levy
Co-President, WRN 

Rabbi Mary L. Zamore
Executive Director, WRN

Central Conference of American Rabbis

Rabbi David E. Stern
President, CCAR

Rabbi Steven A. Fox
Chief Executive, CCAR