January 24, 2022: CCAR Ethics System Progress Report #1

Dear friends,

When the Alcalaw written report into the CCAR ethics system was released one month ago, we committed to sharing ongoing progress reports about changes and updates to the ethics system.

With this, our first progress report, we are pleased to share that some changes have already been made. In addition, many more changes are in process.

Changes to the Ethics SystemAn Ethics Task Force has been appointed. At the culmination of their two-year process, they will bring proposals for changes to the CCAR board and then to the membership.
T’shuvahA T’shuvah Task Force has been formed and they have already begun the work of determining what institutional t’shuvah might be.
ConversationsThe T’shuvah Task Force is already in the process of holding conversations with those who want to share their stories or ideas.
Conversations with survivors Rabbi Lewis Kamrass and Rabbi Hara Person are in the process of initiating conversations with survivors of rabbinic misconduct.
Ethics CodeA special sub-committee has been formed to expedite changes to the Code and present them to the membership for a vote.
Voting on the Ethics CodeOn June 9, 2022 (exact timing TBA), we will convene virtually for a special business meeting of voting on changes to the Ethics Code. This will be preceded by educational sessions.
Changes to and clarity about adjudicationsAs per the recommendations in the Alcalaw Report, Censure without Publication will no longer be an adjudicatory option.
More transparency on websiteThe names of members of the BoA, the EPR, and the Ethics Committee, as well as the Ethics Task Force and the T’shuvah Task Force, are now all on the CCAR website.

There is much work ahead of us. We are determined and hopeful about the future that will result from all the different endeavors now underway. As the work proceeds, we will continue to share updates regularly.


Rabbi Hara Person, Chief Executive
Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, President
Central Conference of American Rabbis

Review the CCAR Code of Ethics and communications related to CCAR Ethics.