Jewish Perspectives on Finances and the Marketplace (Spring 2010)


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis


Symposium Issue on Jewish Perspectives on Finances and the Marketplace


At the Gate – בשער


Introduction: Jewish Perspectives on Finances and the Marketplace
Karyn D. Kedar

Full Faith and Credit: Jewish Views on Debt and Bankruptcy
Edward Elkin

Housing Transactions, Transparency, and Halachah: A Proposal
Jonathan Cohen and A. Brian Stoller

Tzedakah, Recession, and Social Policy
CCAR Responsa Committee
Mark Washofsky, Chair

The Rabbi as Philanthropic Advisor
Ellen Flax

Ethical Priorities in Giving Tzedakah
Ruth Adar

The Biblical Debtor’s Release (Deuteronomy 15:1-3): Bankruptcy It Isn’t-Or Is It?
Robin Nafshi

Money, Schism, and the Creation of American Reform Judaism
Dan Judson

The Decline and Fall of the Interest Ban
Hillel Gamoran


In the Black Night Vayishlach
John L. Rosove


The Legacy of Our Reform Kibbutzim: Can We Renew the Dream- A Review Essay

Light in the Arava? Yahel: Dialogue and a Joint Undertaking between the Kibbutz Movement and the Reform Movement
Gidon Elad

Zion in the Desert: American Jews in Israel’s Reform Kibbutzim
William F.S Miles

Reviewed by Debra Goldstein

Jewish Law in Transition
Hillel Gamoran Reviewed by Herbert Bronstein

An Unsettling God: The Heart of the Hebrew Bible
Walter Brueggemann Reviewed by Mordecai Schreiber

The Sights Along the Harbor
Harvey Shapiro Reviewed by Adam D. Fisher

The Modern Men’s Torah Commentary: New Insights from Jewish Men on the 54 Weekly Torah Portions
Edited by Jeffrey K. Salkin Reviewed by Jeffrey Brown

The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism
Edited by Danya Ruttenberg Reviewed by Ruth Gelfarb

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