July 29, 2021: A CCAR Ethics Update From Rabbi Hara Person

Dear colleagues,

Below is the latest update on our investigation. This message comes to us from our legal team, Alcalaw. We are very grateful to everyone who has come forward and spoken to Alcalaw. We know that much of what has been shared has been painful, and we appreciate your willingness to impart your story or experience. We are now beginning to look at next steps in this process. Please note the date that they have set as the end of the listening phase of the work.

Rabbi Hara E. Person, Chief Executive
Central Conference of American Rabbis

As you may be aware, at the request of the CCAR, Alcalaw has spent the last 12 weeks listening to members of the community about their experiences with, and reflections on, the CCAR’s ethics process. Many of you have contributed to this process already, and your input has been invaluable. Our mandate is not only to engage with the community in this way, but also to critically examine the operation of the ethics process and identify for the CCAR ways in which the process could be modified to better achieve its goals.

As we look ahead to the conclusion of the listening phase of our work, we want to provide ample notice to anyone who may wish to share information with us but has not done so yet. If you have information about the CCAR’s ethics process that you think may be relevant, or would like to reach out with a question, please contact us at ccar@alcalaw.com.

We are endeavoring to conclude the listening phase of our work by August 27, 2021 and request that anyone who wishes to reach out do so by that date.

We want to thank those of you who have already shared your experiences with us and look forward to speaking with more of you as we continue this important assignment.