November 9, 2021: A Letter from Rabbis Lewis Kamrass and Hara Person: In Response to HUC-JIR’s Report

Dear friends,

There is a great deal in this report that is difficult and painful. Many in our community are hurting, and we see and acknowledge this pain. It will surely take some time to reflect and fully digest the findings and implications of HUC-JIR’s investigation.

We are incredibly grateful to those who have courageously come forward to share the   experiences reflected in the report, and appreciate the willingness of HUC-JIR to engage in these critical conversations. We welcome the recommendations from the report and are eager to create shared Movement norms and processes in order to create a safe and sacred environment for everyone in our community.

At this time, the CCAR’s investigation is still ongoing. We look forward to sharing our findings once that process is complete, and to working with our Movement partners to create a collaborative process of dealing with ethical misconduct and accountability for the future.

Though we are a small and interwoven community, we have not all shared the same experiences while students at HUC-JIR, or faced the same treatment by the institution and its faculty and staff. This is a time for listening and kindness, for being as open as possible to each other’s pain, and for coming together in a community of caring to build a better future.

Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, President
Rabbi Hara Person, Chief Executive
Central Conference of American Rabbis