Politics and Spirituality (Summer 2010)


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis


Symposium Issue on Politics and Spirituality


At the Gate – בשער


Establishing A Foundation

Politics: A Prophetic Call to Rabbis
Richard N. Levy

Not Your Father’s (or Your Mother’s) Advocacy: The Moral Voice of the Rabbi in Challenging Times
Marla J. Feldman

Ritual Versus Justice: Must We Choose?
Suzanne Singer

Dissent from the Dissenters
Clifford E. Librach

When Rabbis Take Positions

Principles of Rabbinic Advocacy

Same-Gender Marriages from the Intersection of Faith and Politics
Arthur Gross Schaefer and Robert Cornwall

The Ballot, the Bimah, and the Tax Code
Ellen P. Aprill

Liberal Dilemma: The Prophetic Mandate versus Religion-State Separation in Reform Political Discourse
A. Brian Stoller

Examples of Rabbinic Advocacy

Rabbis for Obama: The Role of Rabbinic Leadership in the 2008 Presidential Campaign
Samuel N. Gordon

Rabbis for Obama: A Rabbi for Obama
Steven Bob

Scariest Night
Jerrold Goldstein

It Wasn’t a Giant Leap but a Natural Next Step
Allen I. Freehling

When Congregations Take Positions

The Jewish Case for Community Organizing

Power Precedes Program: Relationships and Politics in the Pulpit
Larry Bach

Where the Sanctuary and the Public Square Meet: The Story of Temple Israel’s “Vote No on One” Campaign
Stephanie D. Kolin


For Yaakov Ari Ringler
Stanley Chyet z”l

Debra R. Hachen


Just Torah- A Review Essay

Whose Torah? A Concise Guide to Progressive Judaism
Rebecca T. Alpert

Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice
Edited by Or N. Rose, Jo Ellen Green kaiser, and Margie Klein
Reviewed by Eric Caplan

Drawing in the Dust
Zoe Klein Reviewed by Pamela Wax

From Rebel to Rabbi: Reclaiming Jesus and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture
Matthew Hoffman Reviewed by David Fox Sandmel


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