The Reform Jewish Quarterly Spring 2013


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis


  • Exodus, Esther, and the Macabees in Conversation: “They Tried to Kill Us; We Survived; Let’s Eat” Amy Scheinerman
  • Esther, Exodus, Purim, and Passover, David J. Zucker
  • Violence, Laughter, and Morality: A Literary Analysis of Humor in Esther, Sarah Bassin
  • “Spiking the Football” at the Fall of a Foe, Yossi Feintuch
  • Eileh Toldot Esav, Edward S. Treister
  • Wrestling with Jacob, the Trickster, Norman J. Cohen
  • Jonah: A Book of Irony, Moshe Reiss
  • The Second “Book” of Jeremiah: From Doom to Destiny, Mark Dov Shapiro
  • Ancient and Modern Musings on the Akeidah: A Test Primarily of Sacrificial Devotion of Hearing the Right Message? Ian Silverman
  • The God I Let In, Edward Zerin
  • The Founders’ Perpetual Revolution, Stephen S. Pearce
  • You Can’t Wrap Herring in an iPad: Digitization of Sacred Jewish Books, the Stripping of Embodied Ritual, and the Implication for Jewish Education, Owen Gottlieb
  • Creating Community and Protecting Privacy: Seeking a Balance, Claire Gorfinkel


  • “We Have Not Reached God,” an Essay by Chava Pinchas-Cohen on Two Poems by Admiel Kosman, Stanley Nash


  • The Marrano Woman, Yakov Azriel
  • Yiddish, Yakov Azriel
  • Elephants in Chains, Patti Tana
  • Sh’liach Tzibur, Daniel S. Alexander
  • See the Oneness, Nancy S. Abraham
  • If I am a Rib, Nancy S. Abraham
  • In Memory of the Priestly Sons, Rita Glassman
  • Women Reading Torah, Judy Katz-Levine
  • B’rachah for the Golden Years, Karen Hayworth Hainbach


  • Swimming in Moses’ Well: Poems on Numbers, Yakov Azriel. Reviewed by Adam D. Fisher
  • Did Moses Really Have Horns? And Other Myths about Jews and Judaism, Rifat Sonsino. Reviewed by Donald M. Splansky
  • Losses, Lea Goldberg. Edited with afterword by Giddon Ticotsky. Reviewed by Israel Zoberman
  • The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping, Aharon Appelfeld. Reviewed by Israel Zoberman

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