The Reform Jewish Quarterly Summer 2014


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Renewing Our Relationship with the Talmud



Section One: Reform Judaism and the Case for Talmud

  • A Talmudist Manifesto: Why Reform Judaism Needs the Talmud, and Why the Talmud Needs Reform Judaism, Aaron D. Panken
  • It’s Our Book: A Talmudic Reading for Reform Jews, Mark Washofsky
  • Talmud beyond Halachah, Alyssa M. Gray
  • Pragmatism versus the Talmudic Process in Reform Judaism: The Minyan as Case Study?, Leon A. Morris

Section Two: Reflections from the Field

  • Talmud and Reform Judaism Renewing Each Other, Amy Scheinerman
  • Reform Jews Study the Talmud, Hillel Gamoran
  • Living Talmud, Adrienne P. Scott
  • A Twelve-Step Guide to Become Addicted…to Talmud Study, Judith Z. Abrams

Section Three: Reform Reflections on the Siyum

  • Hadran Alach: One Rabbi’s Reflections on the 2012 Daf Yomi Siyum, Marc Katz
  • Reflections of a Mesayem, Gershon Zylberman

Section Four: A View from Israel

  • Neither Chareidi Nor Trembling: Theory and Practice in the World of the Babylonian Talmudic Sages, Ruchama Weiss and Yona Arzi


  • Ruchama Weiss: Hebrew Poetry and Its Burdens of the Present, William Cutter

RESPONSE TO THE FALL 2013 ISSUE, Israel Zoberman


  • The Asenath Cycle: Poems of Identity and Heritage
  • A Jerusalem Quintet, Daniel F. Polish
  • With My Daughter, At the Mikveh, Gila Ruskin
  • Behind the Window, Jeffrey A. Summit
  • Fathers and Sons, Israel Zoberman


  • Go to the Nineveh: Medieval Jewish Commentaries on the Book of Jonah, Translated and Explained, Steve Bob: Reviewed by Norman M. Cohen
  • My Father and Mother, Aharon Appelfeld: Reviewed by Israel Zoberman
  • The Jewish Annotated Bible—New Revised Standard Version, Edited by Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler: Reviewed by David J. Zucker
  • On the Edge, Amy Carb Sussman Reviewed by Adam Sol

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