The Reform Jewish Quarterly Fall 2020/Winter 2021


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Fall 2020/Winter 2021



  • All the World’s Wealth – Jonathan Wilson
  • First They Came for the Torahs – Elizabeth Edelglass
  • Alone in the Garden (A Post-Lapsarian Lament) – Ruth Gais
  • People of the Stories – Howard Schwartz
  • The Metamorphosis of Arye Leib – Simeon J. Maslin
  • Fridays After Sunset in Manhattan – Matthue Roth
  • The Journey to Shabbat – Stacey Blank
  • The Golem of Glendale – Oren J. Hayon
  • One Chimney, Two Cats – Roger Nash
  • Family Witness – Nancy Lefenfeld
  • Temple Ahavath Achim, the Congregation of Brotherly Love – Stephen S. Pearce
  • T’reif – Elaine Terranova
  • Sexagenarian Means Sixty Years Old Or Aspaclaria Means Mirror Sometimes Cloudy Sometimes Clear – James Stone Goodman
  • Vision – James Stone Goodman
  • Dark Moss – James Stone Goodman


  • She Said, Catch and Kill, and #MeToo: Lessons for the Jewish Community: A Review Essay – Reviewed by Mary L. Zamore
  • The Asterisk Proposal – Elaine Rose Glickman
  • Viktor Frankl Gazes Out at the World from a Concentration Camp and Teaches Us How to Utilize That Gaze in Our Own Spiritual Lives – Admiel Kosman
  • Mima-amakim: The Adoption and Expansion of Imagery from Psalm 130 in Modern Hebrew Poetry and Culture – Sarah Grabiner
  • Being That God Is Being: Concerns about a Trend in Jewish Thought – Elliot B. Gertel
  • Ritual and Liturgy as Art Forms – Adam D. Fisher
  • Discovering the Tel Zayit Abecedary: A Review Essay – Reviewed by Edward Zerin


  • The SeMaK, A Handbook of Holiness – Translation and Analysis by Steven Lebow
  • Avraham Sutzkever: A Jewish Poet’s Poem in 1943 – Translation and Commentary by Israel Zoberman


  • Married to the Rabbi: Sixty Spouses of Retired Reform Rabbis in Their Own Words – Edited by Naomi Patz and Judith Maslin – Reviewed by David J. Zucker
  • A Life of Meaning: Embracing Reform Judaism’s Sacred Path – Edited by Dana Evan Kaplan Reviewed – by David J. Zucker
  • Radiance: Creative Mitzvah Living – Danny Siegel – Edited by Neal Gold – Reviewed by Joel Soffin
  • The Tragedy Test: Making Sense of Life-Changing Loss: A Rabbi’s Journey – Richard Agler
  • The Mystery of Suffering and the Meaning of God: Autobiographical and Theological Reflections – Anson Hugh Laytner Reviewed – by Daniel S Alexander
  • The Evolution of Kaplan’s Leadership and Radical Religious Hope: Communings of the Spirit: The Journals of Mordecai M. Kaplan – Edited by Mel Scult – Reviewed by Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi
  • The Newish Jewish Encyclopedia – Stephanie Butnick, Leil Leibovitz, and Mark Oppenheimer – Reviewed by Wendy Pein
  • The Name: A History of the Dual-Gendered Hebrew Name for God –Mark Sameth – Reviewed by Elaine Rose Glickman


  • On Rising – Dina Elenbogen
  • First Fruit – Dina Elenbogen
  • What We Can’t Give Back – Dina Elenbogen
  • Elegy: A Refusal – Dina Elenbogen
  • Moses and His Ultimatum – Philip Terman
  • Unpainted Pictures – Judith Skillman
  • Gutturals – Judith Skillman
  • My Mother Makes Challah – Roger Nash
  • L’Chayim – Roger Nash
  • In Praise of Blurs – Roger Nash
  • Oh, Worrisome Night – Edward Zerin
  • When I Am Down and Low – Edward Zerin
  • Ruach, Wind, Spirit – Herbert Bronstein


  • The Toshav Tzedek: Identity, Weddings, and Co-Officiation: Halachic Structural Connectives – Reeve Robert Brenner

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