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Fall 2022

The Family Issue

Editorial Team: Rabbi Elaine Rose Glickman; Rabbi Lisa Sari Bellows; Rabbi Stacey Blank; Rabbi Nikki DeBlosi, PhD; Rabbi Laura Lieber, PhD; Rabbi Beth Lieberman; Rabbi Daniel Reiser; and Rabbi Zachary Shapiro

From the Editor

Articles and Poetry

  • Parenting in a Brave New World – Kristine Henriksen Garroway, PhD
  • Family/Fragments – Michael Satlow, Phd
  • “Reclaiming My Time”: The Orphan in Judaism Today – Rabbi Audrey R. Korotkin, PhD
  • Why Are Jewish Families Complicated? Ask Jacob – Rabbi Leigh Lerner
  • Family Systems and Stress for the Rabbi: Navigating Role Relationships – Rabbi Edwin Goldberg, DHL
  • Toward a New Framework for Reform Jewish Views on Polyamory – Rabbi Nikki DeBlosi, PhD
  • The Trope of Divorce – Rabbi Michele E. Lenke, DMin
  • Family Estrangement—Yes, in the Jewish Community – Rabbi Judith Beiner
  • From Rabbi to Client: Seeking Support in the Shadow of Pregnancy Loss – Rabbi Laurie Katz Braun, DMin
  • When the Unthinkable Happens: Clergy Grieving a Child – Rabbi Ariel Milan-Polisar
  • Celebrating Yom HaMishpacha in Israel – Rabbi Stacey Blank


  • On Hannah and Hope: One Rabbi’s Fertility Journey – Rabbi Amy E. Goodman
  • “For Me, It’s Just My Life”: Clergy Kids – Gabriella Bellows
  • The Joys of Asperger’s: Raising a Jewish Child to Be a Mensch – Rabbi Jordan Parr
  • Take My Hand, and We’ll Build Our Tomorrow – Rabbi Zach Shapiro
  • The Rabbinate and Family Life – Rabbi Esther Hugenholtz
  • Serving a New Community During Loss – Rabbi Maya Y. Glasser
  • M’dor L’dor and Around Again – Rabbi Mimi Weisel and Rabbi Michael Shefrin

Maayanot (Primary Sources)

  • Poetry by Almog Behar, Asher Reich, Esther Ettinger, Maayan Szternfeld, and Gilad Meiri – translated by Rabbi Stacey Blank

Book Reviews

  • Sanctified Sex: The Two-Thousand-Year Jewish Debate on Marital Intimacy – Noam Sachs Zion – Reviewed by Rabbi Dvora Weisberg, PhD
  • The Netanyahus – Joshua Cohen – Reviewed by Rabbi Barry Block
  • HaBat HaYechidah (The Only Daughter) – A. B. Yehoshua – Reviewed by Rabbi Gili Tzidkiyahu, Review translated from Hebrew by Rabbi Stacey Blank
  • The Art of the Jewish Family: A History of Women in Early New York in Five Objects – Laura Arnold Liebman – Reviewed by Rabbi Melanie Aron
  • Family Papers: A Sephardic Journey Through the Twentieth Century – Sarah Abrevaya Stein – Reviewed by Rabbi David J. Zucker, PhD
  • The Ravine: A Family, a Photograph, a Holocaust Massacre Revealed – Wendy Lower – Reviewed by Rabbi Beth L. Schwartz
  • When Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father’s War and What Remains – Ariana Neumann – Reviewed by Rabbi Lisa Delson
  • From Sarah to Sydney: The Woman Behind All-of-a-Kind Family – June Cummins with Alexandra Dunietz – Reviewed by Rabbi Wendy Pein
  • Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love – Dani Shapiro, Reviewed by Rabbi Suzanne Singer


  • Mothering in the Belly of the Whale – Deborah Bacharach
  • For my son, on the occasion of your graduation from elementary school – Deborah Bacharach
  • Empty Prayer – Judith Skillman
  • Internal Family Systems – Judith Skillman
  • Not Spoken Here – Jane Seitel
  • Walking Backwards – Dan Alter
  • What I Learned – Carol V. Davis
  • In Every Generation – Carol V. Davis
  • Where I’m from – Diana Rosen
  • Day of the Dead for a Non-Mexican – Diana Rosen
  • Goldie, Aleha HaShalom – Roger Nash
  • An Antique Chuppah – Roger Nash
  • Homage – Roger Nash
  • Of a Harmonica and Kippah – Roger Nash
  • Tools – Roger Nash
  • My Dad Playing Ping Pong in the RCAF Rec Centre with Howard Nemerov, 1942 – Patty Seyburn, PhD
  • Or After That – Patty Seyburn, PhD
  • Dear Mom – Paul Hostovsky
  • Shaving My Father – Rabbi Mark Elber
  • Forgive Me – Rabbi Mark Elber
  • Prophylactic Contralateral Mastectomy – Josette Akresh-Gonzales
  • You Are Now Sharing Your Location – Matthue Roth
  • I forgot to buy apples today – Ronda Piszk Broatch
  • 9 May 1942Łódź Ghetto, Poland – Ronda Piszk Broatch
  • Self-Portrait with Olga in Łódź – Ronda Piszk Broatch
  • my grandfather once threw a gestapo man over a desk – Lonnie Monka
  • My Mistake – Lonnie Monka
  • What Shall I Say to My Children? – Rabbi Edward Zerin, PhD

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