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Fall 2023: Symposium on Language

From the Guest Editor

Symposium Articles

  • Searching for My Brethren – Ilana Cruger-Zaken
  • A Journey to Hulaula, and Other Jewish Iranian Languages – Alan Niku
  • The Linguistic Landscape of Juhuri: A Sociolinguistic Overview of an Endangered Jewish Language of the Caucasus – Murad Suleymanov
  • Enriching Jewish Leadership: Adaptive Chevruta as a Modern Language for Jewish Learning – Rabbi Ana Bonnheim, Avidan Halivni, and Rabbi Jeremy Borovitz
  • Finding a New Term: “Bet Mitzvah” – Rabbi Linda Joseph and Rabbi Evan Schultz
  • Unspoken Words – Rabbi Laurie Katz Braun, DMin
  • Yiddish Today: Revival, Revitalization, and Rediscovery – Rebecca (Rivke) Margolis
  • The Efficacy of Payer: Yotzer Or, A Case Study – Eden Glaser
  • Sing to God a New Song: Introducing The JPS Tanakh: Gender-Sensitive Edition – Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz and Rabbi Beth Lieberman


  • Malamud’s Modern Midrash: “Idiots First” – Rabbi David J. Zucker
  • Clergy Discretionary Funds: A Powerful Tool for Good – Rabbi Steven A. Fox
  • Jewish Breads Tell Stories – Rabbi Deborah Prinz
  • Consecrated Unto Me – Rabbi Martin P. Beifield Jr.

Book Reviews

  • Bedouin Folktales from the North of Israel – Yoel Shalom Perez and Judith Rosenhouse – Reviewed by Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, RJE
  • The Jews of Summer: Summer Camp and Jewish Culture in Postwar America – Sandra Fox – Reviewed by Rabbi Allie Fischman
  • To Be a Holy People: Jewish Tradition and Ethical Values – Eugene Korn – Reviewed by Alan Mittleman
  • Fellow Travelers on a Journey to Tomorrow: A Review Essay – Michael Marmur
    • Judaism in a Digital Age: An Ancient Age Confronts a Transformative Era – Danny Schiff
    • Judaism Disrupted: A Spiritual Manifesto for the 21st Century – Michael Strassfeld
  • In the Garden of the Righteous: The Heroes Who Risked Their Lives to Save Jews During the Holocaust – Richard Hurowitz – Reviewed by Rabbi Rachel Kaplan Marks
  • Diary of a Black Jewish Messiah: The Sixteenth-Century Journey of David Reubeni through Africa, the Middle East, and Europe – Alan Verskin – Reviewed by Jennifer Grayson, PhD
  • New Perspectives in American Jewish History: A Documentary Tribute to Jonathan D. Sarna – Edited by Mark A. Raider and Gary Phillip Zola, Reviewed by Rabbi Ari S. Lorge


  • Foehrenwald, 1957 – Nathaniel Lachenmeyer
  • It is nice – Nathaniel Lachenmeyer
  • Some Shatterings – Patty Seyburn
  • The Exilarch – Patty Seyburn
  • Trying to Listen – Patty Seyburn
  • Half and Half – Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce
  • Legends of our time – Rabbi Steven Lebow
  • O Let Me Behold Your Presence! – Wayne Norman Cochran
  • Moses at the End of the Day – Todd Friedman
  • Esau’s Story – Todd Friedman
  • Ruth’s Marriage – Todd Friedman
  • My dreams – Bruce Black
  • Looking for a Pebble – Rabbi Roger Nash
  • My Grandfather’s Pocket Watch – Rabbi Roger Nash
  • The Button Bag – Rabbi Roger Nash
  • Sukkot – Rabbi Robert Levy
  • But Never Over – Jane R. Snyder
  • Never Let Anyone – Jane R. Snyder
  • Red-Haired Giant – Jane R. Snyder
  • Poems of Two Cities: The Poetry of Baruch Link – Rabbi William Cutter

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