The Reform Jewish Quarterly Spring 2019


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Spring 2019



  • Introduction – B. Elka Abrahamson
  • God in the Biblical Imagination: Syntactic Form and Theological Meaning – Andrea L. Weiss
  • The Sin of Self-Slavery: The Role of the Egyptians in the Exodus Narrative – Daniel Kirzane
  • Reform from the Outset: Innovation in Torah – Barry H. Block
  • Jeroboam: A Sinner or a Social Leader and Religious Reformer? – Dalia Marx
  • “‘Look what I’ve found,’ said Kohelette”: Texts that Talk Back to Kohelet 7 – Wendy Zierler
  • A Chanukah Thesis – Matthew A. Kraus
  • Is There a Jewish Version of the “Just War” Doctrine? Some Notes on the Nature of Halachic Interpretation  – Mark Washofsky
  • The Talmud Bavli’s Intertextual Invention of Benjamin the Tzaddik – Alyssa M. Gray
  • The Deposition of Rabban Gamliel: A Rabbinic Transition — Analysis of Babylonian Talmud B’rachot 27b–28a – Joshua Fixler
  • Cold Comfort: A Feminist Reading of Moses in the Beit Midrash of Rabbi Akiba. – Dvora Weisberg
  • The 1946 Exchange between Rav Tzair (Chaim Tchernowitz) and Rav Binyamin (Yehoshua Radler-Feldman) on Bi-Nationalism and the Creation of a Jewish State – David Ellenson
  • How Liturgy Tells the Truth – Lawrence A. Hoffman
  • States of Being, States of Being Jewish – Michael Marmur
  • Rabbi Dr. Aaron D. Panken: Teaching and Modeling Leadership – Rick Jacobs
  • Chavruta – Jan Katzew


  • Kings III – Yochi Brandes Reviewed by Israel Zoberman


  • Jewish Cemetery, Wertheim – Roger Nash
  • Beginning Again – Roger Nash
  • Preemie – Roger Nash
  • Remembering Her Father’s Birthday – Diana Rosen
  • Everything Is Territory – Diana Rosen
  • Autobiography, First Chapter – Diana Rosen
  • Patagonian Pilgrimage – Daniel Fink
  • Woods Walking – Adam Fisher

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