The Reform Jewish Quarterly Spring/Summer 2024

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Spring/Summer 2024

From the Editor


  • Unconsumed: The Burning Bush, Burnout, and a World on Fire — Rabbi Lisa J. Grushcow, DPhil
  • L’Dor Vador: The Formation of Reform Rabbis in IberoAmerica —Rabbi Sergio Bergman
  • Seasons of Love, Grief, and Healing: Sacred Moments of Pastoral Care in the Jewish Preschool — Rabbi Lauren S. Cohn, RJE
  • Bless All These Things: Reflections on Clinical Pastoral Education — Cantor Gabriel Snyder
  • Pervasive Sorrow: Disenfranchised Grief, October 7th, and the Power of Jewish Ritual — Rabbi Lauren Ben-Shoshan, MARE, and Betsy Stone, PhD
  • The Four Worlds of Abraham Joshua Heschel, z”l — Rabbi Morris M. Faierstein, PhD
  • The Gender Wage Gap in the Reform Movement: The Third United Data Narrative — Bradley Katcher
  • Rabbis and Revolutionaries: Dealing with the Destruction of the Second Temple — Anthony Sheppard
  • Removing the Evil from Jewish Souls: A Pesach Prayer for Liberal Jews — Rabbi Mark H. Levin, DHL
  • Deborah, a Woman’s Leadership: When Is It Desirable? — Rabbi Nancy Myers
  • Reimagining Shehecheyanu: Spiritual Insights from the Hospital Bed — Rabbi Michael N. Stevens
  • Type Scenes: Sister-Wives and More — Muriel Lederman
  • Moral Injury: What Rabbis Need to Know —Rabbi Kim S. Geringer, MSW, and Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener, DMin

Book Reviews

  • Resisters: How Ordinary Jews Fought Persecution in Hitler’s Germany by Wolf Gruner — Reviewed by Rabbi Margaret J. Meyer
  • Trans Talmud: Androgynes and Eunuchs in Rabbinic Literature by Max K. Strassfeld — Reviewed by Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman
  • When a Human Gives Birth to a Raven: Rabbis and the Reproduction of Species by Rafael Rachel Neis — Reviewed by Rabbi Chelsea Feuchs
  • Hasidism, Haskalah, Zionism: Chapters in Literary Politics by Hannan Hever — Reviewed by Rabbi Wendy Zierler, PhD
  • From Time to Time: Journeys in the Jewish Calendar by Rabbi Dalia Marx — Reviewed by Rabbi Elyse Goldstein
  • The Amen Effect: Ancient Wisdom to Mend Our Broken Hearts and World by Rabbi Sharon Brous — Reviewed by Rabbi Andrew Kaplan Mandel
  • Loving Our Own Bones: Disability Wisdom and the Spiritual Subversiveness of Knowing Ourselves Whole by Julia Watts Belser — Reviewed by Rabbi Ariel Tovlev


  • Life Blood — Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce, PhD
  • Spring Cleaning: “No” to Desire; “Yes” to Restraint — Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce, PhD
  • One — Rabbi Dr. Israel Bobrov Zoberman
  • Rosh Hashanah 5784 — Rabbi Norman Hirsh
  • Schmultze’s — Stewart Florsheim
  • Leitmotif — Stewart Florsheim
  • Origins of the Heart — Stewart Florsheim
  • From the Lost Notebook – 29 — Nan Cohen
  • A Wall in Poland — Roger Nash
  • Sticks — Roger Nash
  • Best-By — Roger Nash
  • Gnawing Bones Dry — Rabbi Pamela Wax

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