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Summer 2022

Fifty Years of Women in the Rabbinate

Guest Editors: Rabbi Dr. Kari Tuling and Rabbi Mary L. Zamore

From the Guest Co-Editor

Articles and Poetry

  • The Legacy We Leave Behind – Rabbi Sally J. Priesand
  • Let my people go that they may serve You – Merle Feld
  • Wives to the Rescue: The CCAR’s Epic Decision to Ordain Female Rabbis in 1922 – Rabbi Carole B. Balin, PhD
  • Helen Levinthal: An Opportunity for T’shuvah and Justice at HUC-JIR – Rabbi Shirley Idelson, PhD
  • Engaging in T’shuvah for Profanation of the Name: Responding to Reports of Systemic Bias and Abuse against Susceptible Groups in the Reform Rabbinate – Rabbi Dr. Kari Tuling
  • The Reckoning – Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar
  • The Task Force on the Experience of Women in the Rabbinate – Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus, Rabbi Amy Schwartzman, and Rabbi Hara Person
  • #MeToo, Rabbis, and the Ethics of Truth-Telling in Public – Rabbi Mira Beth Wasserman, PhD
  • Shiru: Miriam’s Model for Leadership – Rabbi Sarah Berman
  • B’not Dinah, The Daughters of Dinah: A Look at Our First Years – Rabbah Gila Caine and Rabbi Ayala Miron Translation by Rabbi Efrat Rotem
  • For All Women Rabbis at Fifty Years – Rabbi Karen Bender
  • Between the Blessings – Rabbi Barbara AB Symons, D. Min.
  • Dance of the Zygote – Rabbi Zoe Klein Miles
  • Answering Zusya’s Question: Becoming a Rabbi in Latin America – Andrea Kulikovsky
  • Being a Lesbian Rabbi Pioneer in Britain – Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah
  • The Reluctant Rabbi – Rabbi Laurie Katz Braun, D. Min.
  • “It Is Time to Go Inside the Mishkan”: Liturgical Change in the Era of Women Rabbis – Rabbi April Davis
  • Women Rabbis’ Understandings of Success: A Study – Rabbi Zari M. Weiss
  • A Woman of Valor – Rabbi Séverine Sokol
  • A Woman of Clergy – Rabbi Tzvia Jasper

Book Reviews

  • Dabri Torah: A Women’s Commentary to the Torah – Edited by Alona Lisitsa – Reviewed by Rabbi Bill Cutter
  • Covenant and the Jewish Conversion Question: Extending the Thought of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik – Benji Levy – Reviewed by Rabbi David Ellenson, PhD
  • The Memory Monster – Yishai Sarid – Translated from the Hebrew by Yardene Greenspan – Reviewed by Rabbi Dr. Israel Bobrov Zoberman
  • Squirrel Hill: The Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting and the Soul of a Neighborhood – Mark Oppenheimer – Reviewed by Rabbi Charles P. Sherman


  • Poem for Willy Silber – Paul Hostovsky
  • Pitching for the Apostates – Paul Hostovsky
  • The Steps – Jane Seitel
  • Friday Night Maccabees – Jane Seitel
  • As it turns out, a great deal happens in Worms – Patty Seyburn, PhD
  • Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be – Patty Seyburn, PhD
  • Licorice Fern – Carol V. Davis
  • Shmita – Carol V. Davis
  • Out Early with the Angels – Carol V. Davis
  • Diaspora – Judith Skillman
  • My Grandmother Rises – Judith Skillman
  • The Pinchers – Judith Skillman
  • The Alef – Mark Elber
  • Moses on Mt. Nebo – Mark Elber
  • Noah – Mark Elber
  • Goliath – Mark Elber
  • Draw Close – Rabbi Dr. Israel Bobrov Zoberman
  • Ukrainian Sister – Rabbi Dr. Israel Bobrov Zoberman
  • Viktor Frankl’s Cloak – Kate Powers, PhD

Response to the Spring 2022 Issue

  • Wounded and Wounding Healer: More Diagnoses – Rabbi Dr. Scott B. Saulson

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