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Summer 2023: Israel at Seventy-Five

From the Guest Editor


  • Challenges Confronting the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel and Diaspora Jewry today – Rabbi John L. Rosove
  • Jewish Women in Reform Settings in Israel: Past, Present, and Personal – Rabbi Einat Libel-Hass
  • A Glimpse through the Microcosm of Tel HaShomer Hospital – Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green
  • The Question of the Israeli Identity of Our Times – Rabbi Osnat Eldar
  • Israel Shall be Free, from the River to the Sea – Rabbi Or Zohar
  • Why is Reform Judaism So Hated in Israel? – David Sperber
  • Reflections on My Love for Israel – Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim
  • Being a Liberal Religious Zionist—An Evolving Tension – Rabbi Lea A. Mühlstein 
  • Addressing Israel at Seventy-Five – Rabbi Michael (Mickey) Boyden
  • Reform Judaism and Israel at Seventy-Five – Rabbi Naamah Kelman
  • Avoiding the Worst-Case Scenario – Rabbi Stanley M. Davids
  • Healing the Land; Healed by the Land – Rabbi Paul Citrin
  • Falling in Love Again with Israel – Rabbi Becky Hoffman
  • The Imperative to Seek Peace – Rabbi Ron Kronish
  • Israel at Seventy-Five: Good for Its Place – Rabbi Sanford Olshansky
  • Aliyah in Retirement – Rabbi Donald P. Cashman
  • “Location, Location, Location” – Rabbi Joseph A. Edelheit
  • Redemption Is Always Possible – Rabbi Arik Ascherman
  • From Demonstrations to Demonstrating the Power of Social Change – Rabbi Kinneret Shiryon and Rabbi Nir Ishay Barkin

Book Reviews

  • Liberating Gender for Jews and Allies: The Wisdom of Transkeit – Edited by Jane Rachel Litman and Jakob Hero-Shaw – Reviewed by Rabbi Emily Langowitz
  • The Book of Job in Jewish Life and Thought: Critical Essays – Jason Kalman – Reviewed by Rabbi David Ellenson
  • Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War: The Union Army – Adam D. Mendelsohn – Reviewed by Rabbi Ben Zeidman
  • The Reform Movement in Israel: Perspectives on Identity and Community (Hebrew) – Edited by Elazar Ben-Lulu and Ofer Shiff – Reviewed by Rabbi Dr. Israel Bobrov Zoberman
  • The Origins of Judaism: An Archaeological-Historical Reappraisal – Yonatan Adler – Reviewed by Kristine Garroway, PhD


  • Romemu Hashtag Haiku – Patty Seyburn
  • Ten things that should have been created at twilight on the sixth day of creation, according to Yours Truly – Patty Seyburn
  • Another Nisan – Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce, PhD
  • Adrift – Rabbi Daniel Polish
  • I Never Heard of That – Richard Rosengarten
  • Upon His Return Before El Beit El – Rabbi Jeff Ablesser

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