The Reform Jewish Quarterly Winter 2020


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Winter 2020



  • #JewishWomenToo: Rape and Sexual Harassment in the Bible – Micah Streiffer and Judith Schindler
  • How to Be a Best Friend? Ask Abraham – Leigh Lerner
  • Mean Rabbis – Elaine Rose Glickman
  • The Experience of God – Kenneth D. Roseman
  • Public Preacher/Private Poet: Poetry by Harvey J. Fields – William Cutter
  • The Poet’s Tallit: Prayer Shawls in Poems by Avraham Shlonksy, Yehuda Amichai, Myra Sklarew, and Yehoshua November – Naomi B. Sokoloff
  • A Buber Revival Is Coming–But Maybe for the Wrong Reasons: A Review Essay – Reviewed by Neal Gold
  • Redemption and the State of Israel: How Liturgy on Redemption is Handling Zionism – Michael Lewis and Samuel Stern
  • A Jewish Theology of Climate Change – Glenn Jacob
  • Worshiper of Idols or Ideal Worshiper: Jethro in the M’chilta D’Rabbi Yishmael – Steven Lebow
  • Josephus on the Begetting of Samson: A Treasury of Biblical Tropes – David J. Zucker
  • Theological “Black Holes” in Religions and the Ways They Lead to Heaven (or Hell) – Admiel Kosman
  • The Babylonian Connection: What Does Judaism Owe to Babylon and Persia? – Richard Damashek

MAAYANOT (Primary Sources)

  • From the Shtetl to the Kibbutz: Translated Excerpts from a Forgotten Zionist Tzene U’rene – Translated by Lenn Schramm, introduction and commentary by Netta Schramm


  • Inner East: Illuminated Poems and Blessings – Marcia Falk, Reviewed by Suzanne Singer
  • The Hospice Team: Who We Are and How We Care – Chaim J. Wender and Patricia E. Morrison, Reviewed by Jonathan R. Katz
  • Climbing a Question – Roger Nash, Reviewed by Bruce Block


  • Some Things I Know About My Mother – Elaine Terranova
  • Er Lakht – Elaine Terranova
  • Babi Yar Witness, 1941 – Elaine Elinson
  • My Grandmother’s Waltz – Judith Skillman
  • Margot Again  – Judith Skillman
  • Aerie – Judith Skillman
  • Hineini – Stephanie Friedman
  • Tishah B’Av in Chicago: A Meditation on Eichah, Chapter 5 – Stephanie Friedman
  • Latkes – Carol Dorf
  • Bitter Honey – Carol Dorf
  • Seven Hundred Wives – Lori Levy
  • Of Magic and Superstition – Carol V. Davis
  • Puttin Wants the Jews Back – Carol V. Davis
  • Lot’s Daughters  – Carol V. Davis
  • Nursery Rhyme – Carol V. Davis
  • Matchmaker – Carol V. Davis
  • My Father Visits – Carol V. Davis


  • Response to the Summer 2019 Issue – Israel Zoberman

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