The Reform Jewish Quarterly Winter 2022


Published by the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Winter 2022



  • Notes from the Narrow Place: A Theological Reflection on Confinement – Philip Graubart
  • Sperm Donation and Surrogacy in the Time When the Judges Judged – David J. Zucker, PhD
  • Cancel Culture, Billy Graham, and the Jews: Weighing Nearly Forty-Five Years of a Historical Record – Judith Schindler
  • On Accountability and T’shuvah: Two Talmudic Stories of Ostracism – Neil Hirsch
  • The Gender Wage Gap in the Reform Movement: An Updated United Data Narrative -Savannah Noray
  • T’filat HaAdam and the Maturation of Israeli Reform – Michael Rosen and David Ellenson, PhD
  • Experiencing God’s Care – Adam D. Fisher
  • Can Spinoza’s Pantheism and Kaplan’s Naturalism Be Compatible with Buber’s Existentialism? – Paul Menitoff
  • Isaac and Iphigenia – Elaine Rose Glickman


  • Plunder: A Memoir of Family Property and Nazi Treasure – Menachem Kaiser – Reviewed by Wendy Pein
  • A Rooster for Asklepios and A Bull for Pluto – Christopher D. Stanley – Reviewed by Joshua Garroway, PhD
  • The Jews Should Keep Quiet: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and the Holocaust – Rafael Medoff – Reviewed by Israel Zoberman
  • Bait Shlishi—Meam Lishvatin Leam (The Third Commonwealth—From a Nation to Tribes to a Nation) – Ari Shavit* – Reviewed by Israel Zoberman
  • Shake and Tremor – Deborah Bacharach – Reviewed by Beth Schwartz
  • Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah: Lights in the Valley – Yaakov Beasley – Reviewed by Jeffrey Glickman


  • Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall – Matthue Roth
  • Samson’s Mother – Patty Seyburn, PhD
  • Today’s Flutter of Questions – Patty Seyburn, PhD
  • I would like a new tree – Patty Seyburn, PhD
  • Living with It – Judith Skillman
  • The Silver Lining – Judith Skillman
  • Still – Paul Hostovsky
  • The Story of the World – Paul Hostovsky
  • Adam . . . and Eve – Diana Rosen
  • Tirza Reveals the Miraculous – Julie R. Enszer, PhD
  • First Light -Elaine Terranova
  • The Road to Gravure – Elaine Terranova
  • It Rained All Sukkot – Roger Nash
  • Mexican Border, Detention Center – Roger Nash
  • Tikkun Olam – Roger Nash
  • All the Broken Letters – Sharon Dolin
  • Listen to the quiet voice – Sharon Dolin
  • We Love the Red Bird Best – Sharon Dolin
  • Sestina for a Body Art – Mary Ellen Talley
  • In Greensboro – Enid Shomer
  • Ascents – Jay Yair Brodbar
  • Shechinah – Jay Yair Brodbar
  • The Revolution of the Empty Sanctuary in Three Fictional Ancient Letters – Robert J. Ratner, PhD
  • Ascension – Stephen S. Pearce, PhD
  • Havdalah – Amy Bitterman
  • The Whiteness of the Whale – James B. Rosenberg


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